WELCOME to Ovation
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“Ovation” Production Center is one of the most professional, experienced and leading organizations in Armenia. We offer a wide range of services, such as production, live recording, organization and installations of show programs, Renting of sound and lighting devices, installation of sound and light devices, in/outdoor stages, composing, arrangements, computer engineering, and executive producing.  We provide individual and up to date approach to each customer. Rely on us and we will make your show unforgettable.

Recording Services

We make arrangements, remix for acoustic and electronic instruments, mastering and multitrack recording.
The studio is equipped with the instruments of following internationally famous providers - Roland, Lexicon, Neumann, AKG, Shure, M - Audio, Joemeek, DBX, ART, Yamaha, Hafler, Antares, Turbosound.

Live Show Setup

Our equipment and professionalism gives us the opportunity to organize Live Shows. We not only have all the sound and light devices needed but also we’re able to install both indoor and outdoor stages. We can organize your show from the very beginning until the final chord.

Professional Lighting Show

Our professional stuff uses only high quality devices to make an unbelievable lighting show. We use equipment produces by leading organizations such as JBLighting, Martin, Futurelight, SGM, Antari.